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Traditional cocktail mixers whose recipes date back over 135 years, plus some new iterations that add a modern twist.



Refreshingly Natural

      Just water, zillions of tiny bubbles, and great taste. Our family has been crafting Polar Seltzer with these same three ingredients since 1882, the same recipe our great-great-grandfather dubbed the world’s best-tasting bubble recipe  over 138 years ago. 

Come, sip into our world…

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Polar Seltzer'ade

We've always loved lemonade. The bright, happy flavor tastes like summer vacation all year long. We wanted that same sunny disposition but as a naturally calorie-free seltzer. Our collection of Polar Seltzer’ades are crafted with the essence of fresh lemons or limes, sparkling water, along with other natural fruit flavors we love–like blood orange, raspberry, and starfruit!  All the sunshine, none of the juice, sugar, sweeteners or guilt.

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